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top ten lists: things that rule

Listen, writing a blog post is hard work. So hard that I took the liberty of making a half-baked list instead of writing a real update on what I’m doing here. Life can’t always be the frosting off the top of a delicious birthday cake and lemon-scented laundry detergent and a cold six pack, sometimes you need a lazy post to wrap things up. So you get two. This is part two: things that rule. These are things I’ve done over the last few weeks that I enjoyed and deserve a post. Enjoy.


2-      Ultimate Frisbee on the beach, with a mountain on one side and the Atlantic 30 yards away, against South African World Team players

3-      Mzolis after 4 hours of Frisbee on the beach on a Sunday afternoon

4-      Running 15 miles through Cape Town on a Saturday afternoon


6-      Sprinting across the rock formations at the top of Table Mountain in the middle of a cloud

7-      Climbing a waterfall – the start of a 6 hour hike up Table Mountain

8-      Getting the flu and being bedridden for 2 days.

9-      Taking a South African cooking class

10-   My 22nd birthday is tomorrow. Money orders accepted.