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top ten lists: things i miss

Listen, writing a blog post is hard work. So hard that I took the liberty of making a half-baked list instead of writing a real update on what I’m doing here. Life can’t always be the frosting off the top of a delicious birthday cake and lemon-scented laundry detergent and a cold six pack, sometimes you need a lazy post to wrap things up. So you get two. This is part one: things I miss. These are things I miss from home: its been nine weeks. That’s a long time. I’ll be home December 9th early in the morning. See you all soon after that. Enjoy.



3-      These idiots

4-      Raking leaves, trees changing colors, wearing a jacket, getting dark out earlier, going to a cider mill, carving a pumpkin, fall in east lansing, running and not sweating




8-      A junior bacon cheeseburger

9-      Cold weather golfing



RIP John A. Robenalt: 1922-2009

Dad, Father, Sean, Frank and I last Thanksgiving in Florida

Dad, Father, Sean, Frank and I last Thanksgiving in Florida

My grandfather, John Alton Robenalt, died last Monday night around 5 PM EST. He was 87 years old. He will be missed greatly, especially by all of his family – me included. I feel bad I wasn’t able to attend his funeral on Friday or the visitation on Thursday, but I do know I got to spend a lot of time with him, this summer especially, and so I feel like I was able to say goodbye. I wish I could have been there to see everyone, but I know I will when I get home in December.

It was strange not being with family when something like that happens, but I found little ways to reflect and honor him from here. Friday during the funeral I drove up the mountain with a few friends and we all shared a beer and a toast for Father on a beautiful spring day, with sunshine and shadows falling over the city. As we left to head back down to the city I left an unopened beer leaning against a beautiful tree on the mountainside… you’ll be missed Father. With love all the way from South Africa.

Also his obituary can be found here. He did some really cool stuff during his life, and its amazing the things you don’t learn about – especially as a grandchild – until afterwards. He definitely lived a long and full life, and we’ll all miss him. Rest in peace Father.