The Rainy View

My building is a 20 story apartment building right in the heart of downtown with a gym and the tiniest pool you’ve ever seen on the roof. These are mostly pictures of the side of the city I can’t see from my window. Table Mountain dominates the skyline behind my apartment, and forms what is called the City Bowl here, as the Mountain slopes downwards and creates a de facto bowl that houses most of the city’s white population. The neighborhoods behind my building up towards the mountain are all pretty nice, full of manor houses and residential neighborhoods.

Behind the mountain and off to the side are the townships, where most of the black and colored populations live – coloreds in South Africa are any kind of mixed race citizen. The city is still largely segregated, mostly because of economic issues. The City Bowl properties are extremely expensive, and many black and colored families simply cannot afford to move into the area. Many of the townships are dangerous, filled with drugs and all the trappings of extreme poverty, and there are beggars and homeless throughout the city. However, my apartment building is in the City Bowl, right near where the business district starts and the residential area stops.

There’s really nice views of the city from the top of my building, which I would show you if it hadn’t rained the entire time I’ve been here. So you’re stuck with crappy pictures of the view, full of clouds and rain in the distance. But you get the idea, and it’s pretty awesome. I’ll put up better pictures when I get a nice day, but its supposed to rain tomorrow too so don’t get your hopes up yet.

Picture 027

The view of the right side of the mountain from the top of the building. Notice the Lion King-esque trees on the right.

Picture 030

This is off to the right when the sun came out. I think the trees are really cool in this picture

Picture 028

It was sorta cloudy. This is to the left of the first picture, and is actually Table Mountain, a giant mountain I'm hiking at least twice, hopefully soon.

Picture 032

Same picture, with less clouds. Still can barely see the top though.

Picture 029

The sun came out, so I took another picture of the view from my window. You can see the ocean a little bit in the distance, and if you look closely *ahem* you can see the rain moving off to the right under the clouds.


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